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How much should you pay for Social Media marketing?

It’s no secret that social media is a huge cornerstone of business in this new age. As a business owner, if you are attempting to grow your business through social media by yourself, you are behind (usually). And if you aren’t using it at all, even further.

Learning and utilizing these platforms takes time, talent, and effort. It’s not as clear cut as posting photos and boosting posts. According to PayScale, the average salary of a digital marketing manager lays at $64,262. Keep in mind this is per employee, as they coordinate to have marketing teams of 3 or much more. You have to ask yourself, why are companies paying between 35-90k for people to manage their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms?

What do social media marketers know?

With each platform, comes its different uses. Each one has its own environment and how users interact with others and the platform itself. It’s the job of the social media marketer to take your business and amplify it’s story, with also packaging it into it’s platform-based post. Using one post and posting it to all social media accounts can sometimes be an effective method. But when you posted it to Instagram did you use hashtags to increase exposure, while limiting Facebook hashtags to up to three? More than three hashtags on Facebook are not effective and come off as spam-ish to most users. For instance, on Facebook you’ll see posts with paragraphs long with a video or photo. Why? Because Facebook is often used to tell stories.

Are you asking questions in your post to influence your followers to engage with you posts? Do you have a call-to-action for your posts? Are you running Facebook detailed targeting Ads (not just boosting posts)? Does the audience you set with detailed targeting such as demographics, behaviors, etc? Are you using a custom audience to better target your customers? What is that by the way? Or a look-a-like audience? Are you running Instagram ads (on accident?) when you shouldn’t be? Are or should you running Google ads (AdWords)? What’s your CPC? CTR? Conversion rate?

Overwhelming right?

How much should you pay for a SMM?

There are a lot of factors that go into paying for these services. The necessities of features on the platforms, along with platforms to use, the number of posts needed, depending on your business. According to the average charge of online agencies is $2,500-$5,000 per month for Facebook, $2,000-$4,000 per month for Twitter, and on average about $1000 more per month for each additional platform. Why? It’s the value you get in return. Behind social media marketing is a ton of research and strategy to maximize the brand awareness, traffic, and conversions that your business will receive. For example, if you are getting about 2-3 customers a month as a plastic surgeon, that’s well worth the money. The average cost of a plastic surgery starts at $4,000. Obviously, there are much cheaper options¬† , but more commonly this is a ‘bang-for-your-buck’ industry. If you are paying $250 a month for Facebook management, I can guarantee you there are minimal or non-existent results and the effort behind it to match.¬† And quite honestly you may not be that serious behind your marketing if that’s all you’re willing to fork up. This is not always the case though, as I explain my path to my own social media marketing agency(post coming soon). $5,000/month just for Facebook makes a lot of sense for some companies. Based on our opinion, $1,500 for Facebook and roughly $500-650 more a month per additional platform is an ideal starting price point for social media marketing and management services. Though, our prices are much less expensive.

You need to be open to making social media a priority. 99% of all businesses customers are on these platforms, you just need a way to properly get their attention and converting to paying customers. Open your mind up to these social marketers. Here is how to avoid being scammed by social media marketers.

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